About Us

Welcome to Delta Aromatic – where delight meets innovation to redefine your everyday experiences.

As one of the MENA region’s oldest and leading fragrance houses, we’re the secret behind extraordinary, infusing moments with captivating fragrances, and transformative ingredients that touch lives globally.

Imagine this: from the fresh scent of your morning shampoo to the brisk breezy scent on your linens, our creations grace the lives of consumers almost every hour of the day. We’re the essence in your favorite indulgences, the subtle undertone that makes your cherished memories linger a little longer.

Our repertoire serves over 200 esteemed customers and spans beyond 10,000 products. Crafted with dedication and ingenuity, 70% of these products are being exported to clients on 3 continents. Yet, we’re not just a provider; we’re curators of experiences, understanding that every ingredient contributes to a symphony of sensations.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we’ve cultivated a legacy of excellence. Our innovative scents and customized solutions can be found in, home and personal care products. We specialize in the manufacture of Fine Fragrances for perfumes, cosmetics and body care products, as well as fragrances for toilet soaps, liquid and powder detergents and other chemical industries.

At Delta Aromatic, we pride ourselves on being pioneers of sensory refinement. We’re not just crafting products; we’re crafting experiences that enrich and enliven moments, adding that extra touch of magic to the ordinary.