Ingredients: Crafting Nature’s Essence

At Delta Aromatic, our commitment to redefining sensory experiences extends beyond fragrances and flavors. We pride ourselves on sourcing and crafting a diverse array of essential oils that embody the very essence of Egypt’s rich botanical heritage.

Egypt stands as one of the world’s most prolific sources of essential oils, and since the mid-80s, Delta Aromatic has been at the forefront of both production and trade in these precious extracts. Our journey has been marked by a dedication to harnessing the purest and most diverse essences that nature offers.

In 2002, our vision expanded as we took to cultivating various seeds and herbs across our extensive 2000-acre plantation nestled in the heart of Beni Suef. This strategic move allowed us to not only control quality but also standardize the production of these botanical wonders. Over the past eight years, we’ve honed our expertise, focusing on the cultivation, standardization, and trade of citrus oils. This dedicated effort was a response to Egypt’s thriving orange fruit industry, where our commitment to excellence found its perfect match.

Looking ahead, our vision for Delta Aromatic is to establish natural ingredients as a cornerstone of our offerings. This promising arena represents an opportunity for organic growth, where our expertise and potential acquisitions can consolidate the fragmented landscape of small-scale players.

Our journey into natural ingredients isn’t just a business venture; it’s a commitment to preserving the purity of nature while crafting solutions that resonate with discerning consumers globally.