Ingredient Systems

Ingredient Systems: Crafting Innovations

At Delta Aromatic, the synergy between rich, meticulously curated ingredients and decades of dedicated research and development has propelled us into a realm of unparalleled competitiveness. With over two decades of nurturing our offerings, we’ve mastered the art of crafting fragrances tailored for the home, personal, and fabric care sectors. Boasting a clientele portfolio exceeding 300 customers, we serve the regional market with over 5,000 different products, based on customary tastes.

Nestled within our state-of-the-art 10,000m² facility in E2 compound, 6 October City, we stand prepared to further expand our capabilities, ensuring seamless growth aligned with market demands. This cutting-edge facility symbolizes our dedication to meeting and exceeding the evolving needs of our discerning clients.

What sets us apart?

  • Tailor-made solutions for every partner: We pride ourselves in offering tailor-made solutions to each of our clients across the region, regardless of their market share. Stepping away from the one-size fits all approach, we believe that each product deserves its unique scent, making it memorable in the minds its final consumer.
  • Dedicated R&D center for all your fragrance needs: Our unparalleled competitiveness stems from our dedicated research and development center which ensures that each of our clients across the region gets a customized solution that best suits the market it operates in.
  • Long-standing legacy across the region: Founded in 1983, we embarked on a journey as a fragrance and flavor house, driven by a passion to craft experiences that resonate. Today, we stand as one of the MENA region’s oldest and leading fragrance houses, backed by our deep understanding of individual market needs.

Our solutions

Home Care: Solutions for a Clean and Inviting Home

Personal Care: Personal Well-being with Fragrant Expertise

Fabric Care: Elevating Fabric Experiences with Fragrant Sophistication

Fine Fragrances: Crafting Essence, Elevating Everyday Luxury