What sets us apart?

  • Tailor-made solutions for every partner: We pride ourselves in offering tailor-made solutions to each of our clients across the region, regardless of their market share. Stepping away from the one-size fits all approach, we believe that each product deserves its unique scent, making it memorable in the minds its final consumer.
  • Dedicated R&D center for all your fragrance needs: Our unparalleled competitiveness stems from our dedicated research and development center which ensures that each of our clients across the region gets a customized solution that best suits the market it operates in.
  • Long-standing legacy across the region: Founded in 1983, we embarked on a journey as a fragrance and flavor house, driven by a passion to craft experiences that resonate. Today, we stand as one of the MENA region’s oldest and leading fragrance houses, backed by our deep understanding of individual market needs.